Property Styling 101: Top tips for selling


It is widely recognized in the real estate industry that styling your property will establish a strong first impression, increase buyer appeal, and make your home sell faster than others on the market. Here are our top tips for preparing your property for sale:

1. Know the market

Firstly ask who is the potential buyer? Why would they buy this home? Then create a style story that will appeal to their dreams and aspirations. By carefully selecting every piece of furniture, artwork and accessory to create this projected lifestyle, you’ll manufacture such intense desire for your home that it will start bidding wars!

2. Depersonalise

Property styling is not interior decoration. Let go and think like a buyer!  The best results come from presenting your property to a broad audience.  Declutter, and remove excess personal belongings, as well as anything else that may distract or isolate potential buyers.

3. First impressions matter

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how much potential is wasted by ignoring the basics. Clean up!  Pay attention to outside areas, paint the front door, replace your old door mat and ensure your gardens are tidy and neat. Cut back overgrown bushes, and clean all the windows. Power hose tiles and walls, and repair anything that makes your home look rundown. These small improvements will make your property feel well maintained, and inspire confidence in potential buyers.

4. Colour, light and atmosphere

A subtle and sophisticated palette of whites, grays and beiges appeal to a majority of buyers and can make a room feel larger. Use furnishings that are to scale. As much as possible try and make your rooms feel bright and airy. Keep internal lights on to further brighten rooms and pick the viewing times when your house is at it’s best light. Heat the house in winter, cool it in the summer, and play gentle music – whatever it takes to make a pleasant inviting atmosphere. We tend to draw the line at coffee or baking odours!!!

6. Stand out from the competition

Particularly on the internet. Your online listing is the way most people will discover your property, and professionally styled homes make beautiful photographs! An expert stylist knows the market inside out, and will work closely with the appointed agent to make your property really shine.

7. Style your property with Coloured Pencil

The easiest, most stress-free way to prepare your home for sale is to hire experts. Coloured Pencil stylists are experienced in real estate, understand the buyer’s market and know how to unlock the full potential of any property. Take a look at some of our recent work, and  get in touch if you’d like some expert advice.