Property Styling


Property styling is the art of preparing your property to sell in the fastest possible time, at the highest possible price. We know exactly how to style a desirable, inspiring atmosphere that makes the most of your home’s best architectural features, shifts attention away from any minor imperfections, and appeals directly to your buyer's lifestyle aspirations.

Coloured Pencil maintains a large warehouse space overflowing with furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting, plants, and accessories. We carefully select & install each piece to present the space in it's most positive light. Upon completion, the property will feel both luxurious and lived in, look amazing in photographs, and be open-house ready.



Firstly we'll address any repairs or maintenance necessary to declutter & depersonalise the space - starting with a fresh slate, neutral tones and clean lines. Then - mindful of the dreams and aspirations of our target buyer - we'll install furniture, layering accessories and artwork from our warehouse.

The property will be styled to highlight each room’s best features and function - defining more marketable and desirable zones like an extra study nook, breakfast bar or outdoor eating area. Finishing touches complete the atmosphere, creating a magic that will enthral potential buyers.

Interior Design


Interior design begins with a true understanding of your lifestyle, needs and passions. The way you want to live should be individually reflected in every aspect of your home - from the way it flows and functions, through to the decorated ambience and beautifully finished detail.

We'll guide the selection of furniture, fittings, paint, and palettes - layering the light & texture of each room for an elegant yet comfortable style. Mixing carefully sourced furnishings with items that you already own, we’ll transform your house into a home you'll simply love.