Client Testimonials

Mary-Anne Fitzgerald - Raine & Horne lower North shore


Thanks to your fabulous styling and a bit of hard work at our end, we had the most incredible 40 minute auction and wound up selling for a new block record of $2,901,000 with a $2,150,000 reserve!

The family are incredibly grateful!

Rob J

Potts Point

“As delighted as we were by a perfect design which presented our property in its best possible light, we were equally pleased by how easy it was to work with Coloured Pencil.

Their eye for detail is not only in styling but in anticipating every client need, be it deadlines, logistics, dealing with third parties or making last minute unprompted improvements.

True professionals, head and shoulders above their counterparts.”


Double Bay

“The Coloured Pencil team did such a great job that the apartment did not even get put on the market.

A buyer’s agent went through an hour after the team left and that was it. I also wanted to pass on feedback we received from our agents. All of the agents who have seen the property loved the styling!

Separately all three asked for your company name and commented on how impressed they were by it. Thanks again!”

Andrea Ginsberg

“My experience with Coloured Pencil was an outstanding one from start to finish.

Robynne and her team were highly professional and tailored the furniture to perfectly suit the style of the house. Never has my house looked so exquisite and it definitely contributed to the great sale price we received upon selling our house.

I strongly recommend Coloured Pencil to style your house. We couldn’t have asked for more!”

Keith Kalpage

“The brief was to balance sophisticated luxury with an understated and relaxed style.

The moment Robynne and Kim walked into our home the ideas started to flow, they listened carefully to the brief, took the time to understand the flow and character of the home.

What they delivered was breathtakingly beautiful, design genius coming together in perfect harmony the result was a bespoke individual feel that complemented the character of the home. All executed by a team of passionate, caring and genuine people who were an absolute delight to work with.

The Coloured Pencil team are highly regarded and provide an exceptional service.”

Monique Corah

“As an interior designer I have very high standards and only appreciate the very best in design.

Robynne and her team have an exceptional eye for detail, which sets them apart from the rest.

The end results were truly beautiful which was reflected in a quick and successful sale.”


“Dear Team at Coloured Pencil, thank you very much for your great and professional service.

Your styling expertise has highly contributed to the elegant presentation of our development and to the successful sale. Your valuable help is much appreciated.”